Will Create More Opportunities for Crewmembers and Team Members

Opportunities for Crewmembers

We will be bringing together the best of JetBlue’s and Spirit’s cultures and values to build the fifth-largest airline that customers deserve – an airline that customers love – one that can truly challenge the “Big Four” with both low fares and award-winning service.

A combined JetBlue-Spirit will be a larger, financially stronger, and more geographically diverse company, providing job growth and opportunities for Crewmembers and Team Members. The combined airline will be based in New York City and have a significant and growing presence in South Florida. It will have 34,000 Crewmembers with plans to hire more as the airline grows. 

Our people will benefit from more career growth opportunities, broader travel benefits, more opportunities to make a bigger difference in the communities JetBlue and Spirit serve, and a deeper bench of intellectual capital to support the future growth of the airline.

We look forward to welcoming Spirit’s Team Members to JetBlue after closing.

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