What People Are Saying

JetBlue-Spirit combination is the solution to the lack of competition for the Big Four. But don’t just take our word for it. The JetBlue-Spirit merger has bipartisan support with the benefits widely recognized by consumer advocates, labor leaders, legislators, local government officials, industry experts, and academics.

Sara Nelson

President, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA

“We agree with skeptics that consolidation has accrued extraordinary power to a few airlines. However, this merger will help to correct that. The JetBlue-Spirit merger adds competition to the airline industry that creates more power for workers, along with choice and comfort that benefits consumers.

AFA-CWA Press Release
February 21, 2023

Mayor Francis X. Suarez

City of Miami

“The JetBlue-Spirit merger will benefit consumers and communities as JetBlue brings its award-winning product to more routes and significantly lower fares. In addition to providing an immediate benefit in JetBlue’s six existing Focus Cities, it also facilitates access for JetBlue to grow and deliver as a highly competitive national low-fare challenger at legacy airline hubs across the country.

Letter of Support
February 10, 2023

Scott McCartney

Former WSJ Senior Writer and “Middle Seat” columnist

“I think this deal is really important for competition in the United States. We have four large carriers that need more competition… I think it’s important that that fifth credible competitor have good service and offer a legitimate alternative to travelers…that’s the kind of competition [the big airlines] really need. I think this is a crucial moment for airline competition in the country, and I really do hope that the judge looking at this will see that.”

Airlines Confidential Podcast Ep. 175
February 22, 2023

Julio Fuentes

President and CEO, Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

JetBlue’s proposed merger with Miramar-based Spirit Airlines would enhance competition and expand capacity, resulting in lower fares, better service and greater choice for residents and visitors alike For decisionmakers who do not live and work in Florida, it may be difficult to fully appreciate the impact low-fare travel options have on our state.”

South Florida Sun Sentinel
January 31, 2023

Kathryn S. Wylde

CEO & President, Partnership for New York City

“JetBlue is an important employer and major contributor to the economy of New York City. Failure to approve this acquisition would be a blow to our travel and tourism sector.

Letter of Support
February 21, 2023

Jim Rooney

CEO & President, Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

“After acquiring Spirit, JetBlue will be less than half the size of each of the “Big Four” airlines – and far from the size these carriers created by mergers approved by the Department of Justice over the past 20 years. The JetBlue-Spirit merger will benefit consumers by providing more routes and lower fares.”

Letter of Support
February 14, 2023

Bob Swindell

CEO & President, Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance

“JetBlue’s merger with Spirit Airlines will unlock new career opportunities for Floridians and will significantly impact job growth. The combined airline will have nearly 6,000 crewmembers in the region, and JetBlue has committed to retaining Spirit’s facility in the area, as well as building on JetBlue Travel Products’ headquarters, located in Broward County.”

Letter of Support
March 1, 2023

Jason Altmire

Former Member of the U.S House of Representatives (PA 4th Congressional District)

“Since its founding 20 years ago, JetBlue has served as an effective marketplace competitor, demonstrating a proven ability to reduce costs and drive innovation. With Spirit already serving as a top Pennsylvania airline, this merger would be particularly impactful for the state, greatly increasing the number of flight options available to consumers seeking more reasonable rates.”

Pennsylvania Patriot News
February 21, 2023

Mayor Ben Walsh

City of Syracuse 

“As Spirit Team Members become JetBlue crewmembers, they’ll benefit from JetBlue’s 23-year commitment to no involuntary furloughs. In addition, because JetBlue’s current wage rates are higher than Spirit’s across work groups, Spirit Team Members will see an increase in pay. JetBlue’s strong commitment to its Crewmembers is another reason to support this transaction.”

Letter of Support
February 14, 2023