Our Exciting Future

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Full Video: JetBlue + Spirit: Inside Our Plan to Challenge the Big Four Airlines

Together, JetBlue and Spirit will create a national low-fare challenger to the Big Four airlines that dominate our industry as we bring more of the JetBlue Effect to more communities. Click to watch JetBlue leaders share how far we’ve come over the past two decades and why the acquisition means more low fares, better choices, and greater benefits for even more customers.

Chapter 1: The Original Disruptor

Take a trip down memory lane to the state of the U.S. airline industry and landscape in the late 1990s. Enter JetBlue: the scrappy, New York-based, low-cost airline founded with the mission of bringing humanity back to air travel. Learn how JetBlue transformed the travel experience as we knew it with TVs on every seatback, free snacks, the most legroom in coach, and the most caring crewmembers in the skies. It wasn’t long before other airlines were forced to respond.

Chapter 2: The JetBlue Effect

Over the years, we’ve seen the JetBlue Effect in action. With our low-fare and great service approach, we shake up the market and drive down prices. In fact, researchers at MIT coined the term “JetBlue Effect” when they discovered legacy airlines lower prices by an average of 16% and improve service when we enter a route. This is why. 

Chapter 3: The Competition Problem

Today, four large airlines dominate 80% of the market, controlling prices and your experience. The industry needs a disruptor like JetBlue to more effectively compete and keep the big four carriers honest with their pricing and their product. That’s JetBlue.

Chapter 4: Our Compatibility with Spirit

We will take the best of both companies and build on each other’s successes to shake up this industry with even more competition to benefit the communities we serve. Together, JetBlue and Spirit will be the most potent low-fare competitor to the big four carriers.

Chapter 5: A Bigger, Better JetBlue

Together, JetBlue and Spirit will have over 30,000 Crewmembers. That means more opportunities – more jobs and career pathways for growth for our crewmembers. And more ways to give back, connect, and create new memories with an incredible experience and brand for more customers in more communities. That’s a bigger, better JetBlue.