The Hispanic Community of Florida Will Win with the JetBlue-Spirit Merger

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of travel and tourism for Florida’s businesses and way of life, especially for the Hispanic community. The cities of Florida are constantly among the main tourist destinations in the United States, for both domestic and international travelers. The JetBlue-Spirit Airlines merger will play a key role in maintaining Florida’s attractiveness as a travel and business destination. Here’s how.

Strong bipartisan support in Florida — and strange bedfellows — for JetBlue-Spirit merger | Opinion

Politics makes for strange bedfellows (as they say), and with the proposed merger between JetBlue and Miramar-based Spirit Airlines, that’s certainly the case. Despite Florida’s intense political polarization, there is significant bipartisan support for this deal.

Guest opinion: Utah deserves more flight options | Opinion

Every year, millions of visitors come to Utah for our natural beauty, national parks, outdoor adventures, and diverse attractions. While we know visitors will have an incredible experience once they arrive, we also want the journey to Utah to be an easy one. A key part of the trip for many is the flight they take to get here, and the pending merger between JetBlue and Spirit will go a long way towards making that part fun and painless.

What this airline merger means for Nevada’s economy | Opinion

Nevada’s tourism sector, a major economic engine within the state, has experienced significant and promising growth in the past year. In 2022, the Reno-Tahoe area saw 3.6 million visitors, a considerable improvement when compared with previous years. The same positive trend was seen in Las Vegas, which experienced 38.8 million travelers.

Here’s why the JetBlue-Spirit merger will benefit Florida consumers and workers | Column

As a longtime champion of consumers and working people, I’m a skeptic when it comes to corporate mergers. Far too many have put profits over people. However, there is one merger that stands to be different: JetBlue’s acquisition of Spirit Airlines, which will be good for Florida consumers and good for Florida workers.

Commentary: Proposed JetBlue-Spirit merger is good for passengers, businesses — and Virginia | Opinion

The merger will also allow JetBlue to make additional investments in equipment and personnel, modernizing the fleet and continuing JetBlue’s legacy of offering passengers a far more dignified flying experience than competitors.

The airline industry needs more competition — the JetBlue / Spirit merger is just what travelers need | Opinion

As a former U.S. assistant secretary of Transportation and a former U.S. undersecretary of Commerce, I have been watching with great concern the federal government’s position on JetBlue’s merger with Spirit Airlines.

Chip LaMarca: JetBlue-Spirit merger will unleash huge benefits for Floridians | Opinion

The JetBlue-Spirit merger has the potential to be a game-changer for Florida. By creating a stronger, more connected airline, we can expect economic growth, job opportunities, and improved travel experiences for our residents and visitors alike.

Blocking JetBlue’s expansion will harm the US and Florida in Latin America | Opinion

I was rather taken aback when the Biden administration intentionally made it more difficult for American air carries to compete in Latin America. We already face incredibly stiff competition from both regional carriers and those from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

More squished sardine seats not a solution for air travel | Opinion

My 20-year career as a primatologist and National Geographic Explorer has taken me all over the globe. It’s safe to say that in two decades I have logged thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours on flights to get there. While flying is a job requirement for me, I

JetBlue-Spirit merger will support Puerto Rico’s tourism industry, health ecosystem | Opinion

Tourism is a preeminent industry in Puerto Rico. Annually, millions of travelers enjoy our culture, gastronomy and natural beauty. The health ecosystem is another industry of great importance for our economic development.

New York Daily News: Readers sound off on keeping Rikers open, a JetBlue/Spirit merger and Fetterman’s frump | Opinion

East Elmhurst: Robin Hayes, CEO of JetBlue, recently wrote an op-ed underscoring the benefits a merger with Spirit Airlines would have for passengers and consumers.

New York Daily News – How JetBlue/Spirit helps New York: This merger is good for passengers and consumers | Opinion

For more than 20 years, JetBlue has been connecting New York City with central and upstate New York with low airfares on large jets.

Commentary: JetBlue-Spirit merger helps Maryland fly to new heights | Opinion

When I heard about JetBlue’s merger with Spirit Airlines and its plans for Baltimore, I realized this is another opportunity for our city to grow and thrive.

JetBlue’s merger with Spirit is great for Nevada | Opinion

Every year, Nevada welcomes tens of millions of tourists, generating billions of dollars in economic activity through hotel stays, gaming revenue, restaurant meals, ticket sales and more.

Dania Beach supports the merger between Spirit and JetBlue | Opinion

JetBlue’s commitment to preserving all jobs at Spirit’s new Dania Beach corporate campus, and their dedication to keeping and enhancing operations at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

JetBlue’s Merger with Spirit Will Drive Economic Growth in Maryland | Opinion

JetBlue has made a strong case for why its planned acquisition of Spirit Airlines will create a national low-fare challenger to the dominant ‘Big Four’ airlines that control about 80% of the U.S. market today.

JetBlue-Spirit merger will benefit Utah | Opinion

And while there has been significant focus on the cost of airline tickets and the impact inflation is having on the family vacation, low-fare airlines are helping to make air travel more affordable.

JetBlue CEO commentary: How JetBlue-Spirit merger benefits Massachusetts | Opinion

When other airlines abandoned Boston Logan International Airport, JetBlue expanded service, announced new low-fare routes — including London and Paris – and made the city an attractive gateway for millions of travelers.

Queens Chamber of Commerce supports JetBlue-Spirit Airlines acquisition | Opinion

And while Queens is a place that many companies call home, not every company has shown a consistent commitment to uplifting our borough and our city the way JetBlue has.

La fusión JetBlue-Spirit será excelente para la economía de Miami, sus trabajadores y los turistas. No lo bloqueen | Opinión

El sur de Florida se ha vuelto aún más popular como destino turístico (a nivel nacional e internacional) que antes de la pandemia. El clima cálido, las hermosas playas, la vida nocturna y la cocina hacen de nuestra región la opción perfecta para los visitantes que buscan escapar del frío invernal

JetBlue-Spirit merger will be great for Miami economy, workers tourists. Don’t block it | Opinion

South Florida has become an even more popular tourist destination — from within the United States and internationally — than it was before the pandemic.

A JetBlue-Spirit merger is a win for the Hudson Valley | Opinion

The Hudson Valley is a special place, thanks in part to the contributions of major employers and businesses like JetBlue. Our economy holds steady because we actively invest in and promote growth and development throughout our region.

JetBlue + Spirit Fact Sheet

This merger will allow us to deliver a better product, compete with the largest airlines, and drive down fares and improve service for all airline travelers.

JetBlue-Spirit Third Party Support Fact Sheet

The only viable solution to addressing the high fares and poor service resulting from the DOJ allowing the "Big Four" airlines to control about 80% of the market.

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