Fact Sheets

JetBlue + Spirit Fact Sheet

This merger will allow us to deliver a better product, compete with the largest airlines, and drive down fares and improve service for all airline travelers.

JetBlue-Spirit Third Party Support Fact Sheet

The only viable solution to addressing the high fares and poor service resulting from the DOJ allowing the "Big Four" airlines to control about 80% of the market.

JetBlue-Spirit Transaction Fact Sheet

JetBlue & Spirit: The National Low-Fare Challenger to the "Big Four" Airlines

The JetBlue Effect Fact Sheet

The JetBlue Effect occurs when legacy carriers react to JetBlue's unique combination of low fares and award-winning customer service.

Regulatory Approval Fact Sheet

JetBlue is highly confident that its proposed transaction with Spirit would be approved on a timely basis and that a JetBlue transaction has a similar regulatory profile to the Frontier transaction.

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